A husky baby is easy to recognize even from afar. You can choose from a classic blue or brown color, or a combination of both. Huskies have stunning eyes and thick, snow-like fur. They are still learning as they grow up. Huskie puppies can be too intelligent for their own good. They need lots of activities and family time to keep them busy. After all, they were meant to be pack dogs!

Siberian huskies, closely related to the Alaskan Malamute, are smaller in stature but have many of the same traits. Siberian Huskies, unlike Alaskan huskies have been recognized by the American Kennel Club as an official breed. Siberian huskies were used to transport things long distances in the Chukchitribe. The first Siberian Husky was brought to Alaska in 1909 as racing dogs.

Huskies are well-known outside of the great white north. The most well-known Husky Balto led 700 mile team of sled dogs to deliver diphtheria serum in remote Alaska to save many people from death in 1925. In New York's Central Park, there is a statue of Balto the brave.

Baby Husky

Husky Baby Facts

It's no surprise that actor Ben Stiller is best friends with Alley the Husky, and Miley Cyrus loved Floyd her favorite husky dog. There are so many adorable quirks that Husky puppies can be proud of!


Medium. Medium. Males can weigh up to 45-60 lbs and are 21-23.5 inches tall at the shoulder. Females are smaller at 35-50 lbs and 20-22 inches high.

Breed Characteristics

Huskies belong to the working class and are very gentle on their feet. They have a mix of thick white, brown, and grey fur. This furry breed is best for outdoor activities. They are confident and easy to handle and, much like their sleigh dogs ancestors can carry heavy loads over long distances.


Are they a husky? You may sometimes see a mischievous expression from your husky. They are intelligent and problem-solving creatures. They are great escape artists and can climb or dig over any obstacle to explore the world. They enjoy being part of a pack and get along well with other dogs and people.

Don't expect too much from a watchdog. All dogs are not meant to guard!

Health and Grooming

Both adult dogs and puppies have husky fur that is self-cleaning. They may only require a few baths per year. It is important to brush their fur every week, especially in the summer, to keep it healthy. Husky's shed a lot twice a year due to their undercoat. As needed, one should "rake off" the old hair with a pin or metal comb.

Huskies are a healthy breed. However, they need to be careful with their nails. They can have serious foot problems if their nails aren’t properly cut. They should also be checked for juvenile cataracts regularly as puppies.


Husky breeds like all other breeds can benefit from socialization early with dogs and people, as well as obedience training. Huskies are social creatures that need attention to other dogs as well as people.

Huskies don't like being left alone for long periods of time. It can be emotionally draining. Regular visits to dog daycare might also be beneficial.

Energy Level

Huskies are driven to run fast and have a strong desire to do so. You should provide an area with fencing for your Huskies to run and expend their excess energy. They should never be left unattended in fenced areas.

They require exercise and can easily adapt to urban life, provided they have access to playgroups and areas for them to roam.

Life Span

12-14 years


Baby Husky 



Adults and puppies of Husky breeds require a lot of attention. Husky puppies are social and friendly, and they need interaction with humans and furry friends on a regular basis. You should not leave your husky puppy alone as this can lead to antisocial behavior and later on in life. These puppies are best left with trusted dog walker when you are away.

Huskies are pack animals and love being in a family. They should have access to a yard to run in their backyard. Huskies must be kept leashed. They also need to learn to walk with you. You must be the leader of this pack.


 Baby Husky



There are two types of Huskies: Siberian and Alaskan. AKC breed recognition is the key difference between them. Siberian Huskies can be recognized and adhere to a set of breed standards. Alaskan Huskies, on the other hand, are bred as working dogs and do not follow any breed rules.

They share a lot in common, with Alaskan Huskies having a greater range of heights and weights depending on whether they have been mixed more heavily to Malamutes or other breeds.

Getting Baby Husky

It is up to you to decide whether to adopt or work with a breeder when choosing a husky puppy. There are many resources available to help you find a breeder or rescue that provides healthy, ethically-sourced puppies for huskies.

It is important to understand what you are getting when you adopt a husky puppy. It doesn't matter if you are looking for a responsible breeder, or if you plan to adopt, you need to be ready for an energetic and friendly pet.

Adopting Baby Husky

Although it may seem surprising, adopting a puppy husky is possible. There are many Siberian huskie rescues out there.

Most breed rescues report that the majority of rescue dogs are surrendered by their owners. The most common reasons for this include a change in lifestyle, or the breed not being suitable for them. There may be many puppies and dogs out there looking for a forever home.

A rescue may not always have puppies available for adoption. This is the main difference between a rescue and a breeder. However, most rescues are required to only accept dogs that have been spayed/neutered and microchipped. You may find a dog who has been housebroken and does not require these common medical procedures. A Husky mix may have all the characteristics you desire, but add a bit more.

It is easy to search the internet for a Husky rescue. A excellent list Siberian Husky rescues is also available from the AKC.

Locating a Husky breeder

Do your research is the first step. Unfortunately, many puppy mills pretending to be reputable breeders are out there. Reach out to various online forums for discussions about your furry friend.

Ask questions and arrange to meet the mother or parent dogs. Follow your instincts. There may be something wrong with the breeder or the puppy that looks too good to pass up. The AKC offers resources to find a breeder and has strict guidelines about who they allow to participate.

Baby Husky

Baby Husky resources

Once you have found the perfect husky puppy for your family, it is time to prepare your home. These are some resources to help you get started.


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