Can Siberian Husky Eat Raw Fish


Should you feed your husky with raw fish? Is that good for him? We will answer that question for you immediately. Yes you can feed him but how?

Can Siberian Husky Eat Raw Fish

You should take care of your husky's diet. If you add fish to your diet, your husky will get additional vital supplements and fatty acids. What I would recommend to most husky owners is to use fish as a dietary supplement, and not as a whole meal. If you have already consulted with your veterinarian who told you that it may not be best to feed the husky raw fish because of the bacteria or parasites and many other things. But if you use raw fish as a dietary supplement, your husky will not have any problems.

What are the benefits that fish give you Husky?
They are very rich in amino acids and have a lot of protein in them. What is very important for your dog's skin and coat are the omega-3 fatty acids it has in fish.

Best types of fish for Husky!
There are so many types of fish. They would be best for your Husky:

    • Ocean whitefish
    • Salmon
    • Herring
    • Lake whitefish
    • Walleye
    • Flounder
    • Arctic char
What kind of fish to buy?

How to completely protect your Husky? What you need to pay attention to is that the fish be boned, so that the bones do not injure your Husky. They can cause suffocation and damage his gums, so be careful!

Can Siberian Husky Eat Raw Fish 

According to some research we have done for you, feeding your husky and other types of dogs raw fish is safe. Raw fish should be frozen for at least 24 hours to kill all bacteria and parasites. Just make sure  the fish hooks are removed!

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