Caring for Your Puppy's Health

Caring for Your Puppy's Health

It is recommended that you feed your husky puppy three times a day. This way of feeding should be practiced until the third year of life. If your puppy has a problem with his stomach and digestion, than divide that daily amount of food into 4 equal parts. After the age of three, start getting your husky used to two meals a day.

Between the 12th and 16th week of your husky, you will realize that more and more food remains in the afternoon meal, which is a sign that you are free to cancel that meal. The foods you feed him must be healthy and nutritious and most importantly, to have as few artificial additives as possible, of course they should be avoided throughout the life of the husky, but especially when it is a puppy.

Wash the husky, do not bathe him. Because he's a pretty clean dog. Rarely bathe it, once a year. But his thick hair requires combing. During the year the husky should be combed once a week, use this opportunity to clean his ears and teeth.

With working dogs it is very important to take care of his feet. You have to take care of their nails and shorten them. You need to take care of their blood vessels in your nails and never shorten them too short. If you have never cut your dog’s nails, have a vet show it to you.

What you have to pay attention to in puppies are the eyes. Huskies are very prone to eye problems. Often, all eye diseases are hereditary. So you need to know as much as possible about their parents. Some of the diseases are: Cataracts, film over the lens of the eye. And corneal dystrophy, corneal opacity to which females are particularly prone.

Training your Puppy

The husky must understand one thing from the beginning, and that is that you are in charge. you have to set some boundaries for him. Confusion about family roles can come if you let him sleep in your bed. In order for everyone to be able to control access to food, everyone in the house should feed it at least once. You have to follow the rules you set at the beginning or the husky will think he can do whatever he wants. Everyone in the house has to stick to it. Huskies often enjoy training and assignments because they are working dogs, so be patient, firm and consistent.

Because of their propensity for perception, you need to teach them how to walk on a leash. It can be very easily lost if it is not on a leash. You have to get used to the necklace and always put it on while eating. In the beginning, practice at home and always reward him with some food when he walks next to you and does not pull the leash.

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