Are you interested in knowing what interbreeding between the breeds of a Greyhound and a Siberian Husky looks like? Can the Greyhound Husky Mix be as active as its parents? If you're curious or want to know more about the breed, you've found the right website.

Our complete guide will cover all you should learn about the mixed breed and their temperament, including their exercise and training needs, food requirements, frequent grooming, and the most common health concerns.

After you've read this guide, you'll be able to get an idea of whether or not the Husky Greyhound Mix is the best dog for you. We'll begin with an overview of the breeds that make up the Greyhound Husky Mix.

What is a Greyhound Husky Mix?

A Greyhound, as well as the Husky mix (also called"the Grey Houndsky), is a cross between two of the most adored breeds, The Greyhound and the Siberian Husky. Each is unique in its temperament and physical characteristics, as well as demands for exercise and requirements for space.

Greyhounds can reach speeds of as fast as 43mph in a single sprint, which makes them among the fastest dogs on the planet. They also appeal to pet owners who are new to the breed since they need minimal maintenance.

Husky is different than the Greyhound in several ways. Husky dogs sport the densest coat of fur and thick layers of undercoats that keep them warm throughout winter. Although it's not their favorite thing to do in hot temperatures, they can haul heavy sleds and sleds for extended periods through ice and snow.

Greyhound Husky Mix Parents breeds

Greyhounds are a breed with long legs that are well-known for their enthusiasm. They have crossed Siberian Huskies, renowned for their energy and playful disposition. The Greyhound crossed with Husky has certain traits that make both breeds so loved by the public.

Its Greyhound Husky Mix breed is stunning and comes with a touch of wild recklessness. Unfortunately, the exact source of these two breeds isn't clear, and the way they came to appear is a bit unclear.

Siberian Husky history

In the beginning, the Chukchi people from eastern Siberia created Siberian Huskies to breed as sled dogs during cold winter months to carry massive loads across long distances.

Sled dogs are famous for their speed, endurance, strength, and agility. These qualities make them ideal for competitions like sled dog races or dog shows in which the participants must overcome obstacles while carrying objects, such as sticks, inside their mouths!

Greyhound the history

A Greyhound is a dog of a long history breed with a tradition of hunting hares throughout North Africa, the Middle East, and North Africa. Today, Greyhounds are acknowledged as being among the fastest species of dogs.

In the early years of European settlement, Greyhounds were introduced to Europe via Phoenician traders to hunt. In addition, they were used to guard livestock and as farm dogs. Apart from chasing the hares, these dogs were utilized for hunting injured prey and eliminating rats.


Husky Greyhound Mix's physical appearance

The Siberian Husky Greyhound Mixes have lengthy, slim legs and a sharp snout, making them look highly athletic. In addition, they have eyes that are attractive because they are diverse shades of blue and are adorned with black or brown spots across their bodies.

Husky Greyhound Mixes are different in hue, from salt-and-pepper to charcoal grey. A cross of two breeds, The Greyhound Husky Mix has long legs, floppy ears, and a soft tail that loves to run in the colder weather.

Greyhound Husky Mix size, height, and weight

Typically, a large dog with a long head has narrow legs and a muscular back and back. The Greyhound Siberian Husky Mix weighs between 45 and 50 pounds. They could be up to the height of 23 inches.

Short coats with soft undercoats keep this mix breed warm in colder weather.

Male Greyhound Husky Female Greyhound Husky

Height 23 inches 21 inches

Weight 45 pounds 35-50 pounds

Husky Greyhound Mix coat colors and kinds

Husky Greyhound Mix breeds aren't only grey, but they come in various patterns and colors. Some will have substantial white patches on their bellies or chests, and others feature Brown patches on their legs or faces...

Brown and white patches are frequently spotted in a fascinating pattern, giving the impression that they've been painted!

Husky Greyhound Mix may come in any combination of the following coat kinds:

  • Soft and fluffy as Husky. Husky.
  • The short and sleek as the appearance of a Greyhound.
  • Long and wavy, like the Irish Setter.

Husky Greyhound Mix could also be a combination of any with the colors listed below:

  • Grey.
  • Brown.
  • White and black.


Greyhound Husky mix temperament, personality, and character

The Greyhound Husky mix is a playful and loving temperament. While they're highly energetic and lively, they demonstrate a lot of tolerance and can follow directions well.

Husky Greyhound Husky Greyhound is well-suited to children and is ideal for families with small children.

Greyhound Husky Mixes are bred with superior intelligence and are simple to work with. If they are in danger that is present, Husky Greyhound Mix will alert you. Husky Greyhound Mix will alert you.

It could take several training sessions to become comfortable when they are left at home during the day when you work or school, as they don't want to be left alone for an extended period.

Can Husky Greyhound Mix make great pets for your family?

Absolutely, Husky Greyhound Mixes do make an excellent pet for families. Greyhound Husky Mix is compassionate. Takes care of humans as well as other pets and animals with respect. They can bark loudly and growl at people near your property, making them perfect watchdogs.

A Husky-Husky Greyhound is a perfect pet for both adults and children alike. These are friendly giants that love all.

But, if you have youngsters in your family, You must supervise what happens between Greyhound Husky Mix and small children. This is because if Greyhound and Husky Mix get excited playing with your kids, they could jump onto the children in your home and cause injuries.

Do you think Husky Greyhound Mix is an aggressive breed?

Yes, Husky Greyhound Mix is not aggressive when they are well trained and socialized from an early age.

Husky Greyhound Mixes have characteristics that are derived from the Siberian Husky and Greyhound breeds. They possess an incredible disposition. They are generally highly affectionate dogs.

Even though Husky or Greyhound Mixes are great dogs, If they're improperly trained, they could be aggressive towards other cats, dogs, or even human beings.

Greyhound Husky Mix Training

Here are some helpful tips for how to train for a Husky Greyhound Mix

  1. Train your dog as early as the possible stage of their life. There will be enough time to ensure they follow your instructions even after they've grown. Please do not wait until behavior gets out of control to teach them, as it may be more challenging to train them. Training might take a little longer.
  2. Use positive reinforcement methods instead of harsh punishment (hitting or screaming) whenever they do an offense. Utilizing negative techniques can leave your pet more confused about what you expect, resulting in more aggressive behavior.
  3. Your pets ought to be encouraged when they do something good, for example, being able to sit down at will and letting them know what acceptable behavior within society (and thus won't get into trouble later) is.



Husky Greyhound Mix exercise required

Husky Greyhound Mix dogs require, at minimum, an hour of exercise every day. However, splitting this time between several shorter strolls throughout your day is possible.

If you've got a backyard, you can decide to engage in a game of catch or tug-of-war together with the Siberian Husky Greyhound Mix. This will not only create an enjoyable bonding experience for the two of you, but it will also fulfill your exercise routine.

Apart from being outside, In addition, as well as playing in the yard, Husky Greyhound Mix will enjoy playing with other dogs. It's an excellent opportunity to keep fit and also have amusement.

Greyhound Living conditions for Husky Mix

Greyhound Husky Mix is a very active breed of dog that requires running around in the backyard or being free to roam around the house. This is why they need plenty and space.

It is crucial to give them the space they need to exercise to burn the maximum amount of energy. If you let your furry friends run free in your backyard, ensure that your backyard is securely enclosed to ensure your dog's friends cannot get away.

If your city or county does not allow fences of any kind, consider installing a wireless pet fence to ensure your dog pets are safe and stop their becoming Harry Houdini.

Before installing an electronic dog fence, it's best to install an electronic door for your dog first. These electronic doors for dogs are ideal for those who wish to allow their pets to go out and into the home at their own pace so they can take a break from the sun's rays and breathe fresh air throughout the daytime.

The great thing about the electronic pet door is that you can program it to set curfews and hours. So, your dogs can enjoy the outside during the day while remaining safe in the house in the evening.

If you are a home-based worker and don't like being interrupted each time your dogs need to leave, the automatic dog door is an instant life-saving device.

A living environment that encourages socialization is crucial because dogs can be extremely welcoming and like being around other animals and humans.

Husky Greyhound Mix grooming and cleaning

Because they are a cross between two breeds, the Siberian Husky and the Greyhound, the breed sheds twice more. Unfortunately, they also are well-known for their speed, which means their nails proliferate.

This is why it is essential to maintain the appearance of your Husky Greyhound Mix looking good and healthy; you'll have to groom them each week.


Suppose your pet's owners are dissatisfied with nail clipping sessions due to having experienced a bad experience in the past, or they are afraid of the clipping sound. In that case, you can try the nail cutter for dogs that features an ultra-quiet motor and an exact diamond drum grinder.

Many dog owners who utilize the nail grinder for trimming their dog's nails have reported better results and a decrease in the number of accidents such as clipping the nail quickly.

When it comes to cleaning your dog's teeth, you'll need to brush them every day. This isn't possible for most pet owners with an active work schedule and a household life. If this is the situation, it is recommended to brush twice a week. It is also acceptable.

Choosing Toothpaste and Toothbrush Set with an enzymatic formula that isn't foaming is essential. This will help eliminate plaque, reduce tartar buildup, and refresh your pet's breath. However, using dog toothpaste does not mean foam guarantees that it's safe for dogs to ingest it.

Based on the level of activity the Husky Greyhound Mix is, or how filthy he'll get and how dirty, you'll need to bathe your dog in a specific way. For example, if he's running around in your backyard and getting soaked by the puddles and mud, you'll want to wash him immediately after.

Make sure you use a shampoo for dogs that does more than cleanse your dog's coat and skin as well but will also keep their coat and skin clean, shiny, and well-hydrated.

Additionally, having a slicker brush is vital for controlling the brush's shedding. This is a slicker brush we suggest based on our fantastic experience:

Does Greyhound Husky Mix Hypoallergenic?

It is not true that the Greyhound Husky Mix is not hypoallergenic. Siberian Husky Greyhound Mix dog has a long, thick coat that sheds quite a bit. Greyhounds mixed with Husky is a dog that requires routine grooming. It is not recommended for people who suffer from allergies to pets.

Husky Greyhound Mix food and diet

Active and large, Husky Greyhound Mix dogs require plenty of energy to keep up their busy lives. Therefore, if you want the perfect Husky Greyhound Mix diet and nutrition, the amount of protein and healthy fats must be abundant, while the number of carbohydrates and salt must be reduced.

How should I nourish my Husky Greyhound mix?

Giving a Husky Greyhound Mix with a balanced, healthy diet without artificial ingredients is the most suitable food they can eat. What amount of food you provide to your Greyhound Husky Mix will depend on his size as well as the level of activity.

The breeds mentioned above should avoid food items rich in carbohydrates and salt, as both could cause chronic health issues.


Greyhound Husky Mix's most common health problems

Greyhound Husky Mixes face health problems similar to other mixed breed dogs. However, most dogs generally lead healthy lives and receive minimal veterinary treatment. Still, it's essential to know about the most common ailments so that you can detect and treat them in the early stages.

If you're interested in how to find out what concerns your pet is prone to, we strongly recommend talking to your dog's breeder or vet. They'll provide you with an abundance of details.

If neither of these options isn't readily available, you may take advantage of a DNA test for dogs. I've personally taken this Embark testing for dog DNA with the two furry members of my family. I decided to go with this Embark testing for dog DNA because the test features health screening and breed identification.

The results came back fairly quickly, within two weeks. It also made me realize what I can do to take charge of my two puppies.

Here is a list ten conditions of health-related health conditions that Greyhound Husky Mixes can be susceptible to:

Hip dysplasia

A skeletal disorder in the hip joint, hip dysplasia is among dogs' most frequent health issues. Apart from genetic causes, fitness, and nutrition, exercise may contribute to the development of this condition.

Failure of the renal system

The condition known as renal failure (also known as renal failure is an illness that causes the kidneys to fail to clear toxic substances and waste in the body. If there's insufficient fluid in the body for the kidneys to use, there may be a problem in blood flow towards the kidneys.

Eye conditions

It includes cataracts and glaucoma, as well as corneal dystrophy.


Recurrent seizures are caused by the brain's activity being abnormal.

Von Willebrand's disease

If some of the proteins in the blood needed to form clots are not present or deficient, blood can begin to clot differently.


In this case, thyroid hormone levels can be low and lead to weight increase, energy loss, hair loss, and changes in the coat and skin.

Dental problems

These are gingivitis and plaque buildup, which can cause gum disease or tooth decay.


This happens when the stomach becomes stuffed with gas and turns itself in. It could be life-threatening if it is not treated promptly.

Heart Problems

Both parents suffer from heart issues which can be passed on to the puppies. These include mitral valve diseases and patent ductus arteriosus.


If you observe that your Greyhound Husky Mix seems less energetic than average or urinating more frequently than usual, this could indicate that they might have diabetes.

Husky Greyhound Mix lifespan

Husky Greyhound Mix Husky Greyhound Mix has an average lifespan of twelve to fifteen years.

Greyhound Husky Mix breeders

It is essential to purchase puppies from a trustworthy, ethical breeder. In addition, the breeder should provide information on how they raise their dogs and the health concerns that could affect pups born due to their breeding program.

Additionally, they must offer buyers details about the background and the working names of the dogs produced through the breeding programs they have in place.

Here's what you can be expecting from a respected breeder:

  • A valid health certificate issued by the vet confirms the puppy's health.
  • A contract outlines what happens in case of any issues with your dog after you've returned him to his home.
  • The registration documents and health histories from both parents (if feasible).

These are some of the characteristics you should be looking for when you are looking for breeders:

  • A calm and friendly temperament is essential since it can affect your dog's interactions with other animals and people and with other dogs. A happy and calm temperament can also mean your dog will be easier to train, mainly when they are already familiar with the basics of commands.
  • A clean environment area where the puppy was raised must be clean and free from diseases. Breeders should also keep their kennels spotless so that their pups do not come in contact with harmful viruses or bacteria.
  • A responsible breeder When selling a puppy to families looking for new ones, responsible breeders ensure that all puppies are vaccine-vaccinated and dewormed promptly.


Husky Greyhound Mix puppies

  • If you're considering adopting a Husky Greyhound mix puppy, you likely have many questions. What is their personality? What are the best ways to take care of them?
  • Greyhound Husky Mix puppies are unique because they are affectionate, sweet, and energetic. They are also loving, playful, and lively.
  • Their high intelligence and dedication make them perfect pets, but they require plenty of physical activity - they were designed to run! They are quick to grow and attain the weight of 60 pounds when they are adults.

Greyhound Husky mix price

  • Greyhound Husky Mix dogs range in price between $600 to $1,300.
  • The Greyhound Husky has a lot of outstanding characteristics that have led to its popularity. Husky Greyhounds are very popular. Rough Greyhound is an intelligent and trustworthy dog that is simple to train. However, he requires plenty of space to run and play with his friends.

Locating the perfect Husky Greyhound Mix to sell

  • Adopting a puppy or adult pet from a rescue or shelter organization is cheaper than purchasing one from breeders. Many choose to adopt rather than buy from pet stores or breeders.
  • If you're on a tight budget but still want to get a Husky Greyhound Mix dog, contact local shelters to determine whether any Greyhound Husky Mixes are available to be adopted.
  • Think about fostering if you cannot adopt or buy from a rescue or shelter organization!

Mixed dog breeds that are similar to Greyhound Husky Mix

  • Greyhound Husky mixes are among the most loved dogs in the realm of mixing breeds. If you're looking for a species similar to them, with similar elegant looks and fun personalities, here are some breeds that might look similar to Greyhound Husky Mix.

Husky Italian Greyhound Mix

  • Due to its roots in Italy, the mixed breed of dog is referred to by the name Italian Greyhound Husky Mix. The moderate-sized pet weighs between 40 and 60 pounds. It has an average-sized coat.

Alaskan Husky Greyhound Mix

  • The Alaskan Husky Greyhound Mix is very like Siberian Husky Greyhound Mix. Siberian Husky Greyhound Mix. A similar breed of mixed dog is intelligent, playful, and affectionate. An Alaskan Husky Greyhound Mix can weigh up to 85 pounds and is appropriate for an experienced dog owner.

Husky Greyhound Mix: Pros and Cons

  • Husky Greyhound Mix Dogs are great pets for families. They are intelligent, loyal, and great with children. However, they have some restrictions to consider prior to returning them to your home.
  • Pros Cons
  • Fast-moving, sleek as well as athletic. She finds it difficult to lose weight and is bored with no exercising.
  • He loves to play and run. A tiny yard (or any) or a small apartment is not the best match.
  • It is simple to learn. If left unattended for prolonged periods, they experience anxiety when separated.
  • Owner-friendly and loyal. Some people are hesitant around strangers.
  • Excellent with kids, But make sure you keep an eye on them when they are around pets and children. It is probably not the best choice for families with children.
  • Not hypoallergenic. It is possible to be stubborn and must be taught consistently from the time of puppyhood.

Do I need to know if the Greyhound Husky Mix is right for me?

  • The mix of Greyhounds and Siberian Huskies makes this Greyhound Husky Mix can be athletic. They'll remain pace with you during long hikes or runs. It's good that the Greyhound Husky is also friendly and intelligent if you're searching for a dog to be your companion.
  • The Husky Greyhound is not the ideal dog for those seeking the perfect pet who is peaceful and tranquil. Because Huskies were developed to pull sleds through difficult conditions for considerable distances, they are likely to have more energy than the other breeds. They'll require lots of exercise and room to move around to be content.



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