If you mix with a Siberian Husky with a Rottweiler and you get an ROTTSKY. Huskies are also known as Rottweilers are two gorgeous breeds that have large personalities. Are this Husky Rottweiler mix an excellent idea or a bad idea? We'll tell you below.
This is an extensive guide that covers all aspects of Rottsky. I'll go over everything you need that you should know about this fascinating crossbreed. Some things might be surprising to you!

In the majority of cases the Rottsky can be a great pet for the family. They are very loving loved, affectionate, loyal and is a fantastic guardian. There are many positives regarding Husky Rottweilers. Husky Rottweiler mix but there are certain to be some key personality traits that you must be aware of.

This Husky Rottweiler mix is an interesting crossbreedwith both the brains and brawn... usually.

The Rottsky is an average to large breed, based on the parent that is dominant in genetics. The Rottsky is an strong, muscular hybrid that is equally agile and quick.

The character of the Rottsky will be extremely warm, affectionate and loyal. It will also be very protective of its family. Huskies by nature are not the best guard dogs. They aren't violent or unfriendly towards strangers. The Rottweiler is, on the contrary side, is considered one of the most secure breeds of guard dog in the present. The Rottsky generally sits in the middle and has an excellent balance.

Huskies are more intelligent than they're credited with And Rottweilers? Well they're just smart! Husky Rottweiler Mix Husky Rottweiler mix is able to be trained at a advanced level, however the process of training is likely to be challenging. The stubbornness of Husky breed Husky can be a challenge in various ways!






Medium - Large Hybrid.


40-60 kg (85 135 - 135 pounds)
(males tend to be heavier)


22 Inches -27 inches
(males tend to be larger)


Thick, it can be smooth or rough depending on the genes. The length will be between short and medium.

Markings & Colors

They can vary from browns to blacks, reds, and gray. Rottweiler color and markings are usually dominant.


Based on the Husky the eyes could be bi-colored, blue or even particolored. brown.


Largeears with a triangle shape that keep them upright.


Stocky with clearly defined characteristics. They are usually balanced between both breeds' parents.

Breed Recognition

The American Kennel Club does not officially recognize it. American Kennel Club.

Average Cost for Puppy

$500-$1000 (varies depending on the breeder, his location the bloodline, location, and physical appearance)

Life Expectancy

Most often, 10-14 years old.


A little bit of shed all year round, with two blowouts prior to the weather turns. Based on the coat they wear.


Training is able to be at a high level However, training is challenging.


Very clever.


When they've been trained, they're submissive however, they always have an impulsive streak.


Non-aggressive If they are educated and well. The behavior of parents can also influence this. Could be aggressive.


Fairly protective of the family and property.


Very welcoming.


The majority of them are social, especially if the genes come directly from Husky. They may exhibit some shyness.

Great with children

Children are good with the need for supervision is always a must.

Excellent when you are with other dogs.

Most dogs are good in a dog's socialization with dogs. Training for socialization is highly advised.


Two close-up pictures from two close-up photos of Siberian Husky and the Rottweiler. With these pictures one-to-one you can see which characteristics are the same and what are distinct.

The Rottsky may inherit dominant genes from one of the parents. They may have facial characteristics which differ. This is among the most fascinating characteristics of crossbreeds. With this particular Husky Rottweiler mix is that you'll typically notice the shades of the Rottweiler appear more prominently.



Rottweilers have a fascinating story which some believe goes all the way back to Roman Empire. According to some, Rottweilers are descendents of Roman drover dogs.

When the Romans were seeking to conquer Europe and conquer Europe, they traveled long distances across a large portion of Europe. Through the long travels, it was common for Roman dogs would mix with local dogs, and this was particularly evident in the small town of Rottweil in the south of Germany. After spending a while in the town, the dog breeders were named for the town that helped create"Rottweiler" breed "Rottweiler" breed

Rottweilers were recognized as official as a breed by American Kennel Club in 1931. Later, in 1936, the breed was displayed in the world-renowned Crufts dogs' show held in England. Popularity of Rottweilers was growing, and by the time of the mid-1990s, Rottweilers are the top popular dog breed registered in the American Kennel Club. Although their popularity has slight decreased, they rank 8th in the most loved dog in America.


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Siberian Husky Siberian Husky is considered one of the oldest breeds of dogs worldwide, going to thousands of years ago. They have a fascinating stories to tell.

It is believed that the Siberian Husky was bred by the nomadic people called the Chukchi Tribe which was a part of Eastern Siberia. These dogs who worked hard were vital to their survival in the Chukchi Tribe and helped them greatly each day. Primarily used to move goods and families over long distances in conditions that resembled arctic weather. In addition to being work animals, dogs also were also kept close to family members, sleeping together and eating together as well as offering the companionship.

Huskies were shipped to Alaska in the early 1900s, where they were employed in through the Gold Rush to help people move sleds during the extreme conditions of the winter. In 1910, a group of Huskies were utilized in the famous All-Alaskan sweepstakes. This was not done before. They won first place and attracted lots of interest.

The year 1925 was the time a tiny Alaskan town known as Nome was struck by an epidemic of Diptheria that could lead to fatal disease if not dealt with promptly. It was determined that the most efficient method to carry the life-saving anti-toxin by an sled dog relay group. Siberian Huskies stepped up to the task and successfully transported the anti-toxin for 674 miles in less than six days. They saved the entire population!

Things to Learn Before Purchasing an Husky Rottweiler Mix

You might be thinking about purchasing an Husky Rottweiler Mix or Rottsky however there are some things to be aware of prior to making a final choice.

Too too much dog for a novice?

If you don't know Siberian Huskies can be thought of as "too much dog" for an owner who is new to dog ownership. Additionally, Rottweilers can be powerful and aggressive, which can be risky when not properly appropriately trained or nurtured. A puppy born from these two breeds shouldn't be something to be handled lightly.

Do you think that you are ready to the test?

Do you think that this means you should not take advantage of this incredible Husky puppy? It all is contingent on your time and focus you give your puppy. You'll have to be determined, and your training may turn out to be extremely frustrating as the rebellious nature being a result of the Husky genetics!

What is the level of activity in your family?

The Rottsky will be most suitable for families that are active and who spends a lot of time outside. Exercise is an integral element of their lives, but without it behavioral problems are not far off. It's safe to say that not less than two hours of intense training daily will be needed.

How do you go about your everyday regimen?

If your family is busy all day, leaving the puppy at home for hours at a time won't work. Both breeds want attention, and can suffer from depression and anxiety quickly If they are left in a secluded area for too long, all the time.

Are you a parent of kids?

Rottskies are great pets for families and their owners are both great with children. BUT it's essential to remember that dogs aren't completely trusted and they tend to exhibit a bit of aggression. However there are plenty of families with Rottweilers with children and infants perfectly. It is important to feel confident about your training. This is something to think about...

If you're ready for the challenge, this could be a fantastic way to add this into your collection..

If you're planning to purchase a Rottsky it is vital that you conduct all the required tests prior to purchasing.

The price of an Husky Rottweiler mix , also known as Rottsky is between $900 to $2500. This will depend on the area as well as the bloodline's quality and physical appearance.

The breeder you select is crucial and there are a lot of things you must verify before. Unfortunately, and especially when it comes to "designer" dog breeds like this one, numerous unlicensed breeders are caught on trends and attempt to make profits quickly with mixing the newest Husky or Rottweiler whatever the condition or behaviour of the parents dogs.

Below are simple and essential things to keep in mind when you get an animal puppy for the first time:

Use only a reputable breeder that has references that you can verify. It is best to choose a breeder who has been recommended by a vet.

Make sure the breeder does not force you to buy the puppy. If the breeder appears desperate to sell the puppy. Take a look elsewhere.

Make sure the puppy has been through all required health checks, and has evidence.

Health checks and records of both parents must be accessible for you to look over. Check to ensure that they're healthy There are no behavioral issues noted and have been certified to breed for this Rottsky puppy you're considering.

Be extremely cautious when browsing on the internet. There are many fake breeders who are trying to sell mix breed puppies from behind their keyboards. Always verify the breeder even while surfing the web.





They both Siberian Husky and Rottweiler are generally healthy dogs, however they also have a tendency to a variety of common health issues. However, this doesn't mean that the Rottsky is more susceptible to health problems, but it's crucial that you know about them.

Common health issues for Husky Rottweiler mix Husky Rottweiler Mix:

  • Osteochondritis Dissecans
  • Elbow and hip Dysplasia
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy
  • Cataracts
  • Bloat

The majority of the time, crossbreds are considered more healthy than purebreds because of having a larger pool of genes. Certain veterinarians are in agreement with this, however there are those who don't.

There's not much reason to worry, and most canines are at risk of developing health issues. However, this shouldn't deter you from having a pet and it isn't entirely prevented. The only thing you need to do is make sure that you provide your Rottsky an active and healthy life with a balanced diet and regularly scheduled health check-ups with your vet.


I hope you're a fan of exercising... as you'll do a lot of it if you adopt one of these dogs.

Rottweilers require plenty of exercise to stay active and well-behaved. They are active dogs that require some daily physical activity.

The same is true to the Siberian Husky as well. It is considered by many to be the ultra-marathon runners of the world of dogs. The ability to run 100 miles a day. No joke!

2 hours of fitness every day, with an hour at the beginning of the day, and one in the evening , comprised of:

  • Running
  • Agility Training
  • Hiking
  • Sled pulling
  • Herding
  • Chasing
  • Jumping
  • Swimming
  • Anything else that is high intensity

Both breeds require physical activity to stay content. If they do not get sufficient amount of exercise, training can be very challenging and they are likely to have behavioral issues.

Do Husky Rottweiler Mixes Shed?

The most frequent question about this mix is "do husky rottweiler mixes shed?"

If we look at the parents and their offspring, they are the Siberian Husky and the Rottweiler, we have two breeds that shed frequently.

The Husky generally has longer hair and sheds more however both breeds shed some hair throughout the year, and have two blowouts that are big before the season changes.

The two breeds of parents have double coats So you Husky Rottweiler mix will, certainly shed!

A regular grooming routine that is consistent will be vital. The routine of maintaining your brushing schedule is recommended every 2 to 3 days per week. If your Rottsky gets their coat blown every day, a daily brushing routine will be required.

If you're not a fan of the constant hair of your dog on your floors It is best to stay clear of the Rottsky!



Siberian Huskies typically don't eat lots of food and generally don't have a huge appetite. Rottweilers are more savory and, a majority of the time they're not stopped growing until they're two years old.

The most suitable diet for the Husky Rottweiler mix should be rich in protein, moderately high fat and low in carbs. This would have been the typical nutritional breakdown for each of the Huskies and Rottweilers for the majority of their lives. This kind of diet is the one they digest the most.

Huskies or Rottweilers are equally susceptible to having sensitive stomachs and it's probable that you Rottsky puppy is likely to be a bit sensitive to stomachs too. This is why it's best to choose a small amounts of food for dogs designed specifically for dogs who have sensitized stomachs. I have a recommendation for you in the following.

If you Rottsky are puppies it's recommended to feed them three times a day. The best schedule to begin with is between 8am and 3pm, then 7pm. After your Rottsky puppy is an adult it is possible to reduce the frequency to two times per day. In the morning, and then in the evening.

Size of the portion is equally important, and following a few routine check-ups with your veterinarian in the local area They will be able to provide guidance in the amount your puppy is eating.

This is a top dog food that is available on Amazon This is ideal for dogs who have sensitive stomachs and you can look up these reviews on this page (Nulo Freestyle Dog Food Grain-Free)



The great thing about this is the Rottsky will be extremely intelligent. It is a Husky Rottweiler mix can be taught to a superior degree of obedience and understanding.

The problem lies in the fact that the more that breed is taught how to be clever and funny they'll become which is a characteristic that's seen in Huskies. It's charming and is sometimes amusing, but there's some limit!

The training should begin as soon as you bring your puppy at home. Your focus, attention and consistency are essential in the development of an obedient Rottsky. They'll attempt to outdo you and push you to the limit It's crucial to be consistent and never quit the training sessions.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that you're too harsh with your puppy. Your puppy doesn't perceives it. They would rather have an orderly hierarchy and appreciate the direction and guidance you offer them.

If you don't have the right training It's highly likely that your Rottsky will be prone to developing some sort of behavioral issues. And with their size, strength and power this is something you'll want to stay clear of.

I have an entire piece on Husky puppy Training ,which provides the fundamentals that work exactly the same way for an Rottsky puppy, too.


Here are some commonly asked questions regarding Husky Rottweiler mix. Husky Rottweiler Mix. Let's have a look!

1) What size do Rottweiler Husky mixes get?

This will depend on each particular parent. The typical height for this Rottweiler Husky mix ranges from 22 to 27 Inches (depending on the sex) The weight for that Rottweiler Husky mix ranges from 85-130 pounds (depending on the sex)

2) What is the cost of an Rottsky?

The price for an Rottsky puppy is $900 to $2500. But, it is possible to fluctuate and is contingent on your breeder the where they are located, the bloodline and physical appearance.

3.) What exactly is Rottsky?

The breed name "Rottsky" or "Rottski" is the name used by breeders when crossbreeding an Siberian Husky with a Rottweiler.

4.) Are Rottskys great dogs?

The Rottsky is a typical family-oriented breed that is a lover of affection, as well as receiving it. They are extremely affectionate and defend their pets. If you want to have an obedient Rottsky training is essential from the time of the time of puppyhood.


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