The Goberian or simply known by its name,"the" Golden Retriever Husky Mix, is the result of crossing the Golden Retriever with a Siberian Husky. This Golden Retriever is renowned for being a very affectionate, social and sociable dog that thrives in a household environment. If, however, you're searching for a dog that has these qualities along with a playful sharp edge, the Goberian could be the right choice for you.

The medium-sized to large breeds are athletic dogs that love spending the time of their owner. If you're interested in finding out more about this energetic dog take a look below to determine if they may be the ideal pet for you.






If breeders cross with the Golden Retriever with a Siberian Husky They sought to capture the adorable and friendly characteristics of the Retriever and combine them with the energetic and outgoing characteristics that are characteristic of the Husky. They are still a breed for families however they can thrive in a setting that is active and high.

Breed Origin

To know the place where the Goberian originates it is possible to examine the roots of the parent breeds.

The Husky is well-known as an snow dog. They were first introduced to the Chukchi people of Siberia who depended on their Huskies for transporting their goods. Huskies were imported in to Alaska in 1909 to compete in racing sleds. The final Siberian Husky was exported from Siberia in 1930 , when the frontiers were shut down through the Soviet government, however Husky breeds continued to flourish throughout North America. They were acknowledged in the AKC in the year 1930.

Golden Retrievers are native to Scotland and were utilized for gun dogs in order to retrieve game shot down on land as well as in water. They were bred through crossing two breeds: a Flat Coated Retriever and a Tweed Water Spaniel.

The origins of the Goberian isn't well-documented however it is believed that this breed of dog first appeared in the mid 2000s. The breed has seen a rise in popularity in recent years.




Because the Goberian is an omnivore and therefore, it is difficult to determine the traits of the breed. However, we can speculate by looking at previous litters.

The dogs typically come with litters of four and six puppies. Every puppy is different even within one litter. A Goberian puppy is typically priced between $250-$1500. It is not easy to locate a breeder so ensure that you purchase from a reliable source.


The appearance of the appearance of Goberian can be quite diverse. Some dogs are reminiscent of their Retriever parents, whereas others look much like they have a Husky parent. Most of the time they'll take the form of their Retriever parent . They have soft , floppy ears and a soft tail.

They have an extremely athletic body and are regarded as an average to large breed of dog. They weigh between 45-80 pounds and can stand between 22 and 24 inches tall.


Siberian Husky Mix Siberian Husky Mix has a double coat that is medium-length. The coat of Siberian Husky Mix dogs often resembles that of the coat of their Husky parent, but they don't shed as often as Husky. Husky. Regular grooming is a good way to reduce sheds, though we'll discuss more in depth regarding that later.


The Goberian is a coat of gold which is mainly derived by their Golden Retriever parent. But, it could also be various shades of gold, or even dark and white shades which may resemble the Husky more in a way.


A Goberian is a happy playful, affectionate dog who is a joy to be close to people. This dog inherited the best traits from both of its parents and is loved and family-oriented, just similar to that of Golden Retriever, but is extremely outgoing and fun as the Husky.

Because they're so active, they like to spend time with people and thrive in a setting in which they be active. They make excellent playmates for kids, and like to snuggle with their parents. However, they are susceptible to anxiety about separation and like being left to their own devices. It is important to keep this in mind when you're in the outdoors for long periods of time.


The Husky is a very guardian breed, and frequently the Goberian is a mutt of this. They're not at all aggressive however they may feel that they're superior to strangers. Do not let this put you off, however, they will not make the ideal watchdog or guard dog -they're just too affectionate and friendly!


The life expectancy of the Goberian is between 10 and 15 years.



It is common for crossbreeding dogs to help remove health issues that breeds that they are derived from are susceptible to. But, like any dog is, this Husky Golden Retriever Mix is still susceptible to ailments that the parents are susceptible to too. We've listed them in the following table.

  • hip Dysplasia This occurs when the thighbone does not sit comfortably in the joint of your hip. Certain dogs exhibit lameness and pain on the rear legs of one or both However, you might not feel any discomfort in a dog suffering from hip dysplasia. It can be passed through both Golden Retriever as well as Husky parents.
  • Cataracts You may be able to tell that your dog has cataracts when they are always getting into furniture. Fortunately cataracts can be removed by surgery.

Regular checkups with your vet and monitoring your dog's health ensures that you are able to spot any of these problems before they turn into a problem that is not treatable.

Be aware that you should purchase your pet from a reliable breeder and the likelihood that your dog's illnesses will be drastically diminished. Breeders who are reputable will conduct health checks on both parents breeds, and will not crossbreed when there is a possibility of passing on serious problems to their offspring.



We now know all about the characteristics and traits associated with this breed of dog, the Golden Retriever Husky Mix, it's time to take a an in-depth look at the daily life with these dogs actually is like. We'll discuss their diet and food habits as well as their exercise requirements and their grooming requirements.

Food And Diet

As a breed that is active one, the Goberian needs a significant amount of food. They need about 1500 calories a day, which equals about 2 to 3 cups and is best divided into two meals per day. Of course, it is best to always look at the back of your dog's food package to determine the amount you should be feeding them with a particular food, based on their precise weight.

Make sure you feed your Goberian premium quality kibble. Because of their demands for exercise they also require plenty of protein in order to maintain their muscles in a healthy state. There is also food designed specifically designed for larger breeds. Look over the recommended food below.

We suggest using the SPORT Formula dog food from Purina Pro Plan for the Goberian. Since the Goberian is a very energetic dog, they require lots proteins in their food. This food comes from Purina includes 26 percent proteins and 16% of fat that will ensure your dog has strong muscles and maintain a healthy fitness level.

With chicken being the primary ingredient the food is simple to digest and helps increase the absorption of nutrients. Additionally, there are antioxidants that are present in the recipe to help strengthen dogs' immune systems and excellent sources of carbohydrates to provide long-term energy. Additionally is that this food is produced in the US which means you can be certain that it's suitable for your dog to consume.


This Goberian dog is an active dog with a lot of demand for exercise. You must ensure you allocate at least one hour of your day to walking your dog, though more could be more beneficial. They are a joy to take with your on walks and hikes and will benefit from having a family that is always working out.

Be sure to not overdo the pups as they become puppies . By the time they are two years old, they'll be able to handle large amounts of exercise. If you push them to the limit before this age, it could cause health problems.


Do not forget to play games with your Goberian also, even if you're not exercising. They're intelligent dogs that love to be engaged and entertained.

Family Compatibility

It is a Golden Retriever Mix is an great dog for the family. A very active dog, they are a great fit in a family that is active, that allows them to join everyone in the family when you exercise. The breed is a lover of children and is a great companion, adores playing games and interacting with people. But, be cautious when children are playing with the Goberian as they can be frustrated.

Due to their affectionate and loving nature, this dog can be a good fit in many kinds of homes. They aren't a fan of be left to themselves and would prefer if you were there constantly to give them the attention they deserve! It can be solved through socialization, but you need to ensure you give them toys to so that they are mentally stimulated even when you're not at home. This can reduce boredom and reduce unwanted behaviors.

Goberians are large animals that are very active and require plenty of space to play. They aren't suitable for living in apartments and can benefit from a big backyard. If they aren't given sufficient space to play, they might begin to display destructive behavior. It is important to remember that your family members and you should be able to devote your time to the dog exercise every day. Otherwise, they'll have lots of energy and will become extremely frustrated!


The Goberian is not a hard breed to train but it requires patience and time. Due to their Husky parent The Goberian is prone to being fun and playful in training, and you have to be patient. Training is crucial and the older they grow with no training the more sly they'll become!

All dogs are responsive to positive reinforcement methods that is based on rewards, for example reward-based training. This is a good thing, and includes praise in the form of verbal treats. Do not get angry with your Goberian because they won't know what you are talking about and it could make them less eager to learn.


Socialization is crucial for all breed of dog. You should be able to demonstrate to your dog that there's nothing to fear and therefore socialization should begin from a young age. Introduce your dog to new sounds, sights of places, smells as well as animals and people in a secure and safe space. In this way, they'll become an extremely happy and well-rounded dog.


Because of their thick coat, you might think it is true that the Goberian sheds quite a bit. But, they don't shed more than their Husky parent , and require only regular grooming to ensure their coat is tidy and not matted.

Fortunately, Goberians do not require excessive grooming. They will require a bath about once a month, especially when they're filthy. It is possible to go to the groomers, if that is more convenient. The groomers are also in a position to assist you in trimming their nails, which must be done when needed.


Make sure to wash your Goberrian's teeth once a week. This can prevent decay and diseases. It is possible to apply dental sticks if you require.



Goberian FAQ's

What is the cost of an Goberian price?

A Goberian is priced between $250 to $1500. This is a huge cost, however, it could be difficult to locate Goberian breeders. This is why it's essential to ensure that you buy from a trusted breeder. A reliable breeder will be able to provide the health certificates of both breeds of parents.

If this is from your budget it is possible to check your local shelter to find out whether there's an Goberian that is in search of for a permanent home. Many dogs in the world looking for an forever home!

Does a Goberian an unfriendly dog?

A Goberian isn't a threatening dog in any way. With the Golden Retriever as one of its parents and a Golden Retriever as a third, the Goberian is an affectionate, loving and dog that is family-oriented. They could acquire an outgoing and playful characteristic from their Husky parents, but this is just a sign that they love to play, and shouldn't be considered to be aggressive.

Sometimes they Goberian may inherit the traits of protection of the Husky parent. They might feel that it is their responsibility to protect their owners. But they're social enough to not be a great watchdog or guard dog therefore, this isn't an issue to be concerned about. it can be corrected by socialization.




The Goberian Combines the best characteristics of Husky and Golden Retriever. Golden Retriever and the Husky. The Goberian is affectionate and friendly, but the dog is also energetic and fun and will keep you engaged. A high-intensity exercise dog and a high level of energy, the Goberian is definitely not the dog for those who don't wish to go out to the mountains and enjoy an active family environment where they are able to join in the fun and be your kids' playmate. Do you agree? is the Goberian the right dog is right for you?

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