What to do if your Husky gets loose?


Dogs are very active creatures. They love to run, tease and play. Huskies attract attention by provoking you. When your dog is left alone for quite some time during the day, it's a good idea to take the time to walk them, play with them or offer them some training options.

What to do if your Husky gets loose?

If your pet isn't being well-taken care of and is not getting enough exercise, this might be why it's a little more rambunctious and you may need to do some training sessions with them. If your dog is being neglected, it might be a good idea to take the time to walk them, play with them or offer them some training options.Most dogs love to play and they can be great companions, but you have to be sure that they are getting enough exercise and attention.

For a husky, sometimes walking or running will not be enough to use all the energy he has, it can happen that in these situation just runs away from you. Running after them or trying to catch them then might not be very effective as they might be stubbornly sprinting away or choosing to find something more interesting to do than eventually going home again.

Here are some tips you can use to recapture your pet safely, without playing a tiring game of hide and seek out in the streets.

Stop, drop and lie down – Your dog may get a bit confused when you stop interacting with him for a short time, and he may come back to see if you are okay or what you are doing.

Stop, drop, and curl into a ball - Your Husky will be curious.You are not moving, so your dog will see you as less of a threat and will come to check you out.This allows them to sniff you and realize it's you and gives you a chance to pet them and grab their collar.

Run in the opposite direction - Some dogs love a good game, and let them chase you for a change. Even if the dog is not into a good chase, it may be curious about your weird behavior and follow along until you can get it into a car or building or someplace where it is easier to corral it.

 Open a car door and ask the dog if it wants to go for a ride – Does it seem too simple and easy to work, yet many a dog have been tricked into hopping into a car because they were invited to go for a ride? It only makes sense if your husky associates driving with nice things.

What to do if your Husky gets loose?

People have always reported great success with the down-method whenever a dog got loose. It has never failed in helping owners return their dogs or stop them from running away. Do not by any means pull them into the house by force, as it will alienate you from your dog and feel like kidnapping for your furry little friend. Remember that it just wants to play, find something interesting or escape a stressful situation. When your dog approaches you in a threatening manner, quickly step aside and guide it back home. It will work like a charm, but the most important thing is to stay by your pup's side and shower them with love and avoid any situation that might cause this exhausting process.

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