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Why are Husky dramatic and weird

One of the most famous things people know about huskies is that they are dramatic. Why is the Husky dramatic?

One thing that contributes to them being dramatic is that they are strong personalities! Dramatic behavior in huskies is called “reactive”. They show this behavior when they are in confrontation (good or bad).

Why are Husky dramatic and weird

It is time to look at the exact cause of that behavior.

Huskies are considered reactive, which means they will be emotionally reactive to any situation in moments of stress or discomfort. Showing sudden anxiety or aggression when in front of another dog or stranger is usually called "reactive". Siberian Huskies are never really aggressive. Which makes their reactivity harmless, just either very boring or funny! You can never fully understand their reactive behavior. He'll get some warning signs before that happens.

Why are Husky dramatic and weird? (reactive)

Your husky can be very reactive but only in a silly way. He will put you in a situation where you cry with laughter or he will just annoy you, he will never be aggressive. 

Then why does the husky behave like that?

Because of their strong mind, they are stubborn or independent. So you have to challenge your husky. An emotional trigger can be considered when you ask him to do something he does not want to do. Huskies are extremely obedient, they will be less reactive and ready to comply. You may have noticed that your husky once stared blankly at you or pretended to be dead, howling, whining, irregular behavior, but he will certainly never be aggressive.

Since they are very energetic and playful by nature, when you ask them to do something, it will happen that they will want to start the game first by jumping around.

Can we prevent the husky from being so dramatic?

What you need to know is that it is perfectly normal for a husky to be like that! but how can you still control such behavior?

Don’t make his behavior positive by giving him some treat. If what your husky is doing is not good , then don't reward him for it. For example, if you want your husky to enter the house and he does not want it, do not entice him with a treat. It's something you do when you want to train him, but not when it comes to his behavior! You definitely don’t want him to think he has to act that way to get some reward.

Huskies need serious recall training. From the moment you get them, your husky has to go through a hard recall training. The Husseins do not have a complete reliable recall due to their tendency to independence.
He must undergo intensive memory training to reduce the tendency to respond to your invitation to ''come'' or do something.

The training you need to do regularly is obedience training. Dramatic behavior can begin at the moment of giving command. You will prevent negative reactions to that if the husky obeys you every time and follows your commands.

The queen-drama is the real name for huskies. So don't forget the metal stimulations, which are as important as the physical ones. What you can see in well-trained huskies is the lack of these dramatic outbursts and tendencies.

Why are Husky dramatic and weird

How bad is the drama of your husky?

Don’t forget how great the Husky is. Sometimes when your husky turns out to be stupid, don't confuse it with reactive or dramatic behavior!

What you need to do is train your husky right away. One rule you must follow is to never, but never, positively encourage their drama. remember that the husky is very inconvenient and can easily deceive you cunningly. So you have to pay attention to how you train them and how you learn. 

Everything you need to become a great father or mother to your husky. We have been collecting all the secrets of training for years from the experience of trainers based on physical and mental training!

Secret training methods for the Siberian Husky.


secret training methods for the siberian husky

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