Why Do Huskies Have Blue Eyes



Have you ever looked closely into your dog's eyes? Then you should have noticed that cute brown colour of their eyes. Some Siberian huskies have striking blue eyes. The Huskies are famous for their eye colour. Most of you reading this will likely agree that Siberian Huskies have the most beautiful eyes. I believe this is primarily due to the light blue color that many Siberian Huskies have. How the blue color came to be is still somewhat of a mystery.

Why Do Huskies Have Blue Eyes?

The colour of the eye is called iris. This is part of the eye that surrounds and defines the eye itself. It also serves to protect the eyes by helping to absorb the shock of sunlight and allow more light to enter the eye. The colour of the eye may vary from dog to dog. However, there are ways to tell how much color is in a particular iris and this is where the science of eye colors begin.

Other than that, the blue eyes of these dogs come from a genetic mutation. But not all huskies are born with blue eyes. They must be born with this eye colour or else they will be a grey dog with brown eyes. The eye colour of the husky is inherited through the genetic line.

The real reason behind the eye colour is unknown. It is only believed that the extreme weather in Siberia has something to do with the eye colour of these huskies. As the weather in Siberia is very cold and dry, the dogs there are forced to drink a lot of water. As a result, the eye colour gets pale and watered. Some Siberian huskies even have the peculiar look of having cloudy eyes.

But it is unknown whether this is a natural process or a hereditary trait. The eye colour of the husky is not considered as a breed characteristic.

Why Do Huskies Have Blue Eyes?

Possible Eye Color Combinations

Husky dogs have a wide range of eye colors, from blue, brown, hazel, and amber. A bi-eyed Husky is a mix of blue and brown, while parti-eyed Huskies have flecks of brown in eyes that are otherwise blue. These are the most common color combinations. All of these eye colors are acceptable by the American Kennel Club.

Husky Puppies’ Eye Color May Change

Husky puppies first open their eyes around 2 weeks old, but that doesn't mean they'll still be blue as adults. There's no guarantee that their eyes will remain blue until age 4 weeks or 5 weeks. Yet, it's not a major concern for dog owners as all colors are acceptable.


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