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Why Do Huskies Howl?

One of the things I consistently recall about my husky is the howling. Huskies don't tend to bark like other dog breeds, but they are very vocal with howling and “talking”. Howling is easier to detect at a distance than barking, and thus, it's easier to find another dog at a distance. By the time it's your time, you'll have conversations with them. While domesticated huskies no longer need to bark to communicate, there is a lot we can learn about why huskies bark and what they're trying to say when they do.


Why Do Huskies Howl?


Why Do Huskies Howl Like Wolves

 It’s hard to distinguish Huskies from wolves because they’re closely related to wolves. You'll never guess at a close relationship between huskies and wolves. One look at a picture of a husky and you should recognize that the dogs are much more related than you might expect. Huskies howl because they want to warn others of predators and other dangers. It's the reason howling by huskies is very similar to howling by wolves in the wild. When a wolf is separated from the pack, it's best to howl the call. Barking might be loud, but the short sounds make it hard for other wolves to pinpoint where the bark came from. Sound travels through the air and becomes easier to identify with howling. To communicate, animals have evolved vocalizations that pass through the air to send messages to other members of their pack. When a husky howls, there’s no mistaking the kinship with wolves.


Why Do Huskies Howl?


Why the Husky Howl at Car Sirens and at the Baby

While there's no wonder that if your husky hears another dog howling, he will join in. A tall, lanky husky might begin barking like a dog in the video below, if you hear a siren in the distance. Howl-owls howl at sirens as an instinctual response. Their instincts hear the siren as another howler in the distance calling out to them, so they return the call.

You can learn more about huskies on this page. Imagine a lost hound howling in the distance to call out to the other pack. A husky will normally bark when it needs its pack.

Once you hear the siren, you might wish there was a way to turn it off. But, alas, that’s just the way it works with huskies. When they hear the siren, they know it’s their owner’s call for help, and they hear it as a distant siren.

A larger example of a husky's instincts kicking in is when they hear a baby crying. It's a bit harder to understand why huskies howl and "talk" when they hear human babies crying.

Husky parents may think of their dog as a member of the family, so they might even be joining in with the baby's howling. Huskies like to howl together, so your husky might be joining in as you both yelp and whine together.

The dog's reaction to your own crying could be due to its ability to distinguish between your own, sympathetic tears, and someone else's, unsympathetic ones.

While we'll never know what really goes through a husky's head when they hear a baby crying, there's plenty of reason to believe that the husky recognizes the crying as pain.

A crying baby will often calm down if you play a husky puppy's favorite song.

 Husky owners often find that howling huskies do wonders to calm down crying babies, and you can start your own howling session by listening to your husky's favorite song, as heard in this video by Baby Animal Sounds.

 Howling can be fun and it can also be annoying if your dog is in the wrong mood to play. But it's an essential skill to teach your dog and it will help your baby sleep better.

To make your howling session a success, choose a song that your dog enjoys and play it in a quiet room. If your dog is still young and inexperienced with howling, start slow and increase the volume over time.

Why Do Huskies Howl?

What Does A Husky’s Howling Mean

You can understand husky behavior if you know what they're up to. For instance, a husky will howl when it's hungry, when it's ready to play, and for other reasons.

When your dog starts howling, it's a sign of excitement. For example, if you just get home and your dog starts barking, it's a sign of excitement.

But if you’re just about to leave for work and your dog starts howling, the meaning behind that howl is clearly different.

A howl doesn't have a single clear meaning, but it can be used for many different situations.

It's important to understand your husky's actions so you can interpret howling and barks in context.

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