Why Huskies howl & what to do about it?


One trait that sets it apart from other types of dogs is the howl of the husky. There are several reasons why they do this. 

Husky sometimes howls because he is happy, but it could still be that it was just a cause of anxiety. Sometimes he does it because he just can. We will now explore all the reasons why your husky howls and how you can calm him down.

Husky communicates by howling.

Husky can tell you through howling that he is upset, that he feels some threat or that he is simply happy. So through howling it actually communicates. If you know your husky well, you will be able to recognize his howl and know exactly what it means. When the husky senses a threat, he will howl very loudly. He will stiffen in the direction of that threat and will not move his gaze.

You won't be able to judge what he wants to tell you by his howling. You have to pay attention to his body.

Why Huskies howl & what to do about it?

Husky howling at moon.

During the full moon, people have long believed that wolves (huskies) howl more. We've all seen pictures of wolves howling at the moon, and we've probably heard a few stories about it.

However they do not howl at the moon, it is only the case when there is a high probability that when the moon comes out they are awake. 

They are most active at dawn or dusk. Unlike other animals that are active at the peak of the day or that are active overnight. But they spend the middle of the day and the middle of the night sleeping. 

Why Huskies howl & what to do about it?

Why do huskies scream?

Usually when the husky screams it is due to some frustration, anxiety or just excitement.

Every day you have examples of your husky when you hear him shout. Since you take him to the doctor's office or clean him, there are many more examples where you have already heard him shout. They can produce a large type of howl. Many owners describe it as their communication and it really looks that way.

Whenever your husky scream, you have to pay attention to the speech of his calf. Husky likes something that is exciting, then he will have relaxed body language, but when he is in danger, then he stiffens and looks in the direction where the danger is coming from.

But if the anxiety is in question, then they will behave completely differently. If you see him yawning, walking slowly and trying to escape the situation, you must visit a veterinarian.

Why Huskies howl & what to do about it?

How to stop husky howling?

To know how to stop your husky from howling you need to know the cause of his howling.

If the husky stays home alone, he will probably start screaming or scratching the door. This is just an example when it becomes action due to separation. Pay attention to his frustrations.When you get home and your dog then howls, while wiggling and wagging their tail, it means he is excited.

It's time to start training your husky to stay calm. when you enter the house you have to calm him down, when you do that then give him some treat. So they will slowly teach him to be calm and that he will get a reward every time he is calm.

If your Husky loses attention while you tell him to calm down and he keeps howling or jumping. Yhen you should visit one of the kennels, but only briefly. It would be best to have a toy to keep him occupied. and so he will become more and more calm.

In very severe cases where your Husky  has anxiety attacks, you need the help of a professional trainer or even a veterinarian.

If the howling is not excessive but moderate. You have to leave him alone. Husky’s way of communicating is that howling and it comes instinctively.

You can very easily suffocate something that he needs and something that makes him exactly what he is. If you can't accept that, then this is not the dog for you!


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