Husky Yorkie mix often referred to as the York sky, is an all-breed dog created by crossing a genetically pedigree Siberian Husky with a pedigree Yorkshire Terrier. These gorgeous dogs make excellent outdoor companions. So spend some time looking after your dog, and get it to exercise, and you'll be rewarded with a generous package of joy.

They are a perfect blend of the ability and friendliness of a Husky and the bold and adventurous spirit that is characteristic of the Yorkie.

Your dog can have a variety of traits from both Husky as well as the Yorkie. But whether he'll get most of his features from one parent is just a coin toss.

There is also an issue of contention between dog owners about breeding purebreds with purebred dogs. But there's another amount of controversy in breeding dogs of varying dimensions.

Let's look into this guide to learn more about the mixed breed before thinking about owning one of them.


Can You Breed A Husky With A Yorkie?

You may be thinking about how you can have a romantic connection between a tiny Yorkie and a Husky. Of course, this isn't an issue; however, the answer isn't too far-fetched.

Breeders can cross pedigree dogs using artificial insemination, as there is only one hurdle: the size distinction. In the case of Husky Yorkie Mix, the Yorkie's male semen is manually collected and then injected inside the uterus and ovaries of the Husky bitch. This means that it's very likely.

Breed History of Husky Yorkie Mix

The story of Husky Yorkie Mix can reveal the story of their personalities, but the breed is new, and the exact location and the date they were first introduced are unknown. However, it is possible that breeders wanted to create more miniature huskies that shed moderately or desired Yorkies with various colours and patterns.

Although not many details are available on this particular mix, we can check the parents' history. They'll certainly tell us a lot regarding the Yorksky.

Additionally, because it is a dog designed by designers, the Yorksky hasn't been acknowledged as a breed by The American Kennel Club Association (AKC). As a result, there is no breed standard for them, and therefore, it's impossible to know the way they'll be able to develop.

Where Do Siberian Huskies Come From?

Be aware that Siberian Huskies don't have any specific wolf-like ancestry; They are not hybrids with wolves. Instead, genetic studies indicate that they're dogs of the Spitz bloodline, with the origin of its beginnings 4000 years ago.

The same story of the background of the Siberian Husky's origin Siberian Husky is still unknown; however, they were a well-known pet throughout North-East Asia, among a nomadic Siberian tribe called the Chukchi. Due to the abrupt climate change and the need to develop a dog that could pull sleds loaded with lighter goods to remote locations in frigid temperatures.

Although a dog with unparalleled endurance, the inhabitants of Chukchi adopted Siberians in their houses to offer warmth for their children at night.

During the diphtheria epidemic, Leonhard Seppala, a renowned Musher, travelled 658 miles and led Siberian dogs to bring an essential treatment towards Nome, located in Alaska. Since then, Siberian Huskies have continued to win in dog sled races, bringing their fame to new highs. In 1930 they were granted full recognition by the American Kennel Club (AKC) awarded the Siberian Husky the actual honour.


Where Do Yorkshire Terriers Come From?

It is believed that the Yorkshire Terrier breed was created in the county of Northern Yorkshire and Lancashire during the Victorian time. It's a descendant of the more enormous and extinct Paisley Terrier; a dog brought in by Scotsmen who migrated into Yorkshire and worked in textile mills, coal mines and factories.

The dog helped blue-collar workers in the fight against rats. It was crossed with a variety of tiny broken-haired British terriers like Clydesdale terrier, Clydesdale terrier, Dandie Dinmont, Skype and perhaps, the Airedale Terrier, which led to the creation of the Yorkshire Terrier.

In the late 1800s of the late 1800s in the United States, the breed made its debut during dog shows. It was the first Yorkie that was bigger than the breed we see in the present, but with countless breedings, the trendy attraction is now matched by the small, sweet lapdog and a jolly pet.

Size & Appearance of Husky Yorkie Mix

Based on our observations, we can both acknowledge an essential distinction in the size of the Husky and the Yorkie (one among the dog breeds with the smallest size). Unfortunately, this makes it difficult to know what size this cross will result in.

However, on average, a fully grown Husky Yorkie Mix will be 13-18 inches tall and weigh between 20 and 35 pounds.

A crossbreed's appearance may be acquired from both parents or lean toward one another. In the end, the impression that is a part of the Husky Yorkie Mix is a game of chance and genetics.

The Siberian aspect of this dog comes with a pleasant but friendly face, proportionate head, almond-shaped eyes, and a muzzle with a moderate length that gradually tapers to the nose. The body is strong and has a straight topline, with a long and not too broad chest. The tail is covered in fur and can move upwards in an elegant sickle curve at the back.

However, little Yorkie has a witty expression and a confident carriage that radiates strength and confidence. The head is less noticeable and has small eyes with black lenses and an ear with a V shape. Like his husky counterparts, his backline is even, and his body is well-balanced.

If we talk about the coat of Yorksky, It is likely to fall somewhere between the excessively shed medium-length skin of Huskies and the moderately shed long silky coat of Yorkies.

The standard coat colours for huskies are black, grey, agouti red, sable and white. Yorkies can be coloured black or tan. The progeny from it is likely to get hues or patterns from the parent breeds.

Husky Yorkie Mix Temperament and Training

The Husky Yorkie Mix will generally be outgoing and playful in their disposition and may be confident, courageous, and willing to engage with others.

This dog with a tense personality is going to be tolerant of neglect by his owner. In addition, he'll need plenty of exercise, lest he creates destructive ways to entertain themselves.

If you are interested in being active outdoors, This dog is the ideal pet. You can take him with you on morning walks/jogging and swimming, camping or even walking through the city to get the bus.

Although alert, as the Yorkie is, the friendly and unassuming character of the Husky could hinder this Yorksky breed from being an outstanding watchdog. However, certain unintentional behaviours of the Husky might frighten those unaware of his warm and welcoming nature.

 However, it is possible that the Yorksky can be easily taught to be a good companion with other dogs.

However, do not let this dog out on its own unless you're in a secure space. If you're worried that this will bother you, then the Yorksky is not the dog for you.

Start with your dog's socialization in the early years. Go to places where he can interact with new people or invite your family or friends to your home. He'll have no trouble getting comfortable with new people because they are adept at adjusting.

This Husky Yorkie Mix is an intelligent and trainable dog. However, you may need to grasp the notion of canine hierarchy and prove your competence and authority as a leader of the pack so that your pet respects you. This is especially important as the Husky is a well-known pack dog history.

The earlier you begin the foundation for a routine of training for your dog, the higher the chance for him to develop into a gorgeous and well-rounded character. Most of the job will require discipline and a handful of treats on the side, and your pet can comprehend basic commands and learn new dog tricks.


Caring For Your Husky Yorkie Mix

The typical Yorkie Husky Mix requires a considerable amount of effort to groom. Expect the double coat to shed frequently, with frequent blowouts if you are a more Husky-like dog.

The coat of the Yorkie type does not shed very often, but it tends to be wavy and can easily be tangled into knots and mats.

If you're considering buying this gorgeous dog, be aware that keeping your dog's coat can be laborious. A thorough brushing must be done daily to ensure that your dog's coat is clean and neat.

Don't ignore the health of your dental dog for any reason. It is a good idea to clean his teeth every second day. Say good to tartar buildup or bad breath.

Keep in mind that keeping your dog's nails in good condition is as crucial as other areas of his body. Therefore, your Husky Yorkie mix needs its nails cut once a year using specialized nail clippers designed for dogs.


Lifespan and Health Issues of Husky Yorkie Mix

In science, crossbreeds are more likely to have a longer life span than pedigree dogs because of hybrid strength. This is due to an expansion of the gene pool that confers longevity and a higher level of immunity to illnesses in the progeny.

However, like other hybrid dogs, Husky Yorkies aren't free of all health issues. Therefore, it is still necessary to oversee your dog and visit your vet occasionally to identify any health issues in the early stages.

The typical life expectancy of Husky Yorkie Mix is 13-16 years. However, it is more likely that this breed will live a little longer if they grow up as small as the Yorkie. Additionally, your dog will enjoy an extended life span by providing regular exercise and a social setting to live life to the fullest.

Here are a few ailments that Husky Yorkie Mix is more susceptible to:

  • Dental Problems
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Bronchitis
  • Eye Problems (Retinal Dysplasia, Cataract and Glaucoma)
  • Cancer
  • Liver Shunt
  • Skin Allergies
  • Obesity
  • Tracheal Collapse
  • Heart Diseases
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease


Husky Yorkie Mix Puppy Cost

An average Husky Yorkie Mix Puppy cost is approximately 700- 1300. Of course, you'll pay lower if you opt to adopt from a rescue. There are a variety of variables that can affect the price of crossbreeds. They are the breeder's reputation, the breed's popularity, and the place of purchase.

An experienced breeder can accompany you to meet the pups' parents, let you inquire concerning the character of the pups, and will provide a health guarantee: the breeder or the shelter to provide you with the health certificate for the puppy. Make sure you stay away from puppy mills because you can know the quality of the raised dog.

Is This Adorable Dog Right For You?

It is the Husky Yorkie Mix, not a pedigree dog; however, they inherit many great qualities from their purebred parent.

A Husky Yorkie Mix is the source of joy for the entire family. They're lively and outgoing with family members and would accept strangers as long as they are introduced properly.

The resulting Husky Yorkie Mix will be an energetic breed and fall somewhere in the middle of small-to-medium-sized dogs.

It is possible to go through the advantages and disadvantages of this breed in the following table to help you make an informed choice.


  • A wonderful look.
  • Self-confident, confident and friendly.
  • Intelligent keen to learn, and eager to meet new people.
  • Loyal and protective
  • Do not require a large amount of food to be healthy as the Yorkie is small, and some characteristics could have been a result of Husky Sled Dog's history when they travelled long distances and had no food.


  • High prey drive makes them insecure off-lead
  • They could end up with a long knotted coat, which sheds often.
  • Extraordinarily vocal and loves constant barking or howling.



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