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Brush Hair Removes

Brush Hair Removes

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PROFESSIONAL CARE: Regular grooming keeps your pet clean and healthy by removing dirt and dead hair; increasing blood circulation and natural luminosity of skin; preventing hair loss; improving its immunity.

EASY HAIR REMOVAL WITH ONE CLICK: EASY TO USE DESIGN--After you've done brushing your pet, simply click the button and the bristles retract back into the brush, you can remove all the hair from the brush easily. Don't need to clean this self-cleaning brush additional.

SUITABLE FOR MANY PETS: This All-in-One Self cleaning slicker brush is suitable for many pets--dogs, cats, fragrance pigs, rabbit, orangutans, etc with long, short, thick, wiry, or curly Hair.

SAFTY AND HIGH QUALITY: Use environmental protection material which does not cause skin allergies. Stainless steel bristles with rounded tips helps prevent damage or scratch your pet's skin and prevents hairs from being pulled. They can be used for a long time.

COMFORTABLE HANDLE: Ergonomic handle with non-slip grooves prevents hand fatigue and discomfort during grooming.



  • Length 18.5cm/7.3inch
  • Width 10cm/4inch
  • Brush pin length: 1cm/0.4inch
  • Handle length: 13.5cm/5.3inch
  • Material: ABS + TPR + Stainless Steel



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