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Comfortable Husky Brush Silicone

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  • Soft Gentle Silicone Bristle Silicone Shower Bath Brush Dog shower brush Comes with a compartment for soap, shampoo, vacuum center To clean the dog Very easy and convenient to use. With silicone rubber buttons to massage the dog’s body Giving the dog a comfortable feeling of bathing and the silicone rubber head is designed to help remove various stains on the dog. And simply pressing the button above will cause the soap or shampoo to flow out Keep the dog clean, helping your beloved dog free from ticks, fleas and germs as well.

    – Dog bath brush with built-in bath soap holder Convenient and fast to use.
    – Buttons are silicone rubber, vacuum center Massage the dog along with the body to clean.
    – Helps to get rid of fleas And various pathogens.
    -Convenient to squeeze shampoo into the dog bath to be built in.
    – The brush can be removed and washable.
    – Available in 3 colors: pink, green, blue.

    Comfortable Husky Brush Silicone

    Comfortable Husky Brush Silicone

    Comfortable Husky Brush Silicone



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