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Dachshund Bobblehead History

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Dachshund Bobblehead History

- A cute decorative dachshund bobblehead history with a head that can be swayed, hand-made, and realistic.
- No battery, no solar energy, real environmentally-friendly shaking-head dog, shaking his head or nodding when there is wind and grass.
- This would make a great gift for your friends, a decoration on your desk, in your car or anywhere you want to smile.
Material: Resin + Flocking
Size: 7*17*10cm
Package Contents: 1 x Car Decoration Dog Doll


Dachshund Bobblehead History

You can have fun with the nodder on a bike ride through the German countryside.

The dachshund (also known as the wiener dog) is a German scent hound that was bred more than 300 years ago. Because of its size, it is ideal for hunting badgers or other tunneling animals.

It is also ideal for being a companion on the road. If you don't own one of these adorable canines, you can still get a dachshund bobblehead to put in your car. Google created an interactive Wednesday to honor the bobblehead. It shows the iconic nodder taking a ride in a car through the German countryside.

Google has noted that the first Dachshund bobbleheads were made in Germany in 1970 as an accessory for cars. The popular Wackeldackel (wobbling Dachshund) spring-mounted head is large and slender.

In the late 1990s, a German gas station chain featured the bobble in an advertisement campaign. This gave the toy a boost worldwide. More than 500,000 bobbles were sold within eight months of the advertisement's release.

You can make the bobblehead stick out its tongue on Google's search page by hovering your cursor above the dog's head. Clicking on the head of your friend will bring you a smiley face and some love. You should keep an eye out for any other objects that the Doodle might see through a car window in Germany such as a castle, hot air balloon, or other structures.

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