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Shower Nozzle Handheld

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  • Most people washed the dog with little more than a garden hose. And while this works, it isn't exactly a great way to give your dog a bath.
  • But Our pet shower sprayer attachment available to make the process easier for modern dog owners – not to mention making bath time more comfortable for your pooch.
  • Our pet hose sprayer is a hose-and-hand-held-sprayer system that can be used indoors or outdoors. But rather than simply being a sprayer-style attachment, this also gives you the ability to give your pup a luxurious massage while washing her, thanks to the soft bristles located on the sprayer.
  • The pet bathing tool designed to fit around your hand during use. You can then use it to massage the water and soap into your pet’s coat. The attached watch-style band is designed to hold the tool securely in place and it will fit most owners’ hands.
  • A pause button on the sprayer hand so that you can stop the spray entirely with your finger when need be.And comes with an attached 7.5-foot-long hose, as well as two different adapters for connecting the tool to a variety of indoor and outdoor spigots.
Shower Nozzle Handheld

Shower Nozzle Handheld

Shower Nozzle Handheld

Shower Nozzle Handheld
Shower Nozzle Handheld
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